Airbnb Troubles for Homeowner. Why having a Property Manager might be a better investment for your investment


Gatecrashers Trash Airbnb House During All-Night Party, Cause More Than $30,000 Worth of Damage

Police arrest 5 linked to Halloween shooting at Orinda Airbnb party

Airbnb’s ‘party house’ problem could spoil its public listing. Here’s why its new rules to stop the rowdy blowouts may not even work.

Teens ‘rent out’ home on Airbnb before throwing wild house party

We have all seen the news stories lately. Parties that cost thousands in damages, shootings, robberies and more. Companies like Airbnb and VRBO sound like a great opportunity to rent out for top dollar making your investment work for you but how do they screen the short term tenants? Do they have someone available in the area that will go and check to make sure your property is okay in case of an emergency, does someone go and meet with the renters to hand over the keys? These are just some of the things that you should be thinking about prior to making a decision to use a company for short term rentals or a full fledge property management company.

Property Managers do their due diligence prior to renting. They call all references, work and personal, they run a credit check to see if they have every been evicted and pay their bills on time, and check employment to make sure your get your rent payment on time. They are there in the middle of night to handle any emergencies, tenant questions and issues and to make sure move in and move out go smoothly. How are short term rental companies screening your potential renters?

Don’t get put in a situation that could jeopardize your largest investment.