Is Your Rental Property Coronavirus (COVID-19) Ready?


The Coronavirus presents new challenges for landlords, obviously the COVID19 didn’t get the message that vacant properties still needed to be filled. Social distancing and shelter-in-place orders along with making sure the property is disinfected, it might seem too much work, even down right hazardous, to be able to show your rental property to prospective tenants. In San Diego, however, residential rental properties are still being listed and rented, after all people still need to move. Stay-at-home orders preclude real estate activities (real estate business was deemed as an essential business by the department of homeland security), as tenants still need a place to live, chances are, you will land a great tenant during these challenging times.

Before you decide to show a rental property, make sure you follow the following Lofty property management recommendations.

1. Safety first, the state of California allows a maximum of 5 people to gather at one place. Our recommendation is for each landlord to show only 2 people at a time.
2. Practice social distancing.
3. Make sure the prospective tenants have a mask, gloves and provide them with a booty (shoe cover) before you enter the property.
4. Disinfect all door knobs, light switches and anything that you or the interested party might turn on or open before and after the showing.
5. If someone did not comply or refuses to comply, you are in charge. You have the right to refuse to show the property. (Safety First),
6. Utilize technology if you can, do a virtual tour via zoom, Facebook messenger, facetime or any other venue when you can.
7. Check the city and county of San Diego ever changing regulations on business services and activities, as the COVID19 situation is still fluid. With a few safety measures, landlords can protect themselves and their prospective tenants, keep their businesses going, and help people find housing.
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