How to Win Over Picky Renters

How to Win Over Picky Renters?

A perfect trick for making your rental estate business thrive is knowing how to present your property in an attractive way. The competition is big and tenants search for different house and apartment features so this is not an easy job. That is why many landlords have their go-to property management company. If you live in Mision Valley and the vicinity, you can find some very reliable professionals that will do the property advertising for you.

If you want to do property marketing on your own, keep reading and find some useful tips to help you.

How do you attract tenants in a tough market?                              

The rental market has been expanding over the years, making it harder and harder to compete. Whether you’ve just become a landlord or you have some experience in renting, attracting a great number of tenants is your top priority. Although every person is unlike in kind or character, some things can charm everyone:

Be flexible, easily available, and communicative                                   

Make yourself easily reachable and answer promptly. Tenants are more likely to renew their leases if their landlord is giving his best to be available. Having good communication skills is also a plus. Show the willingness to answer all of their questions and be flexible about the time of the meeting.

Make tenants’ life on your property easier

Fix what’s broken and replace the things that are no longer working. Think like a renter and imagine what would you want to see in your new house. It goes without saying that everything should be clean, tidy, and well-kept. Think about the household necessities, even about getting a lawn mower.

Show your property’s potential

Take your time and write down the best features of your property. These won’t be perfect for everyone but will help you find and attract the attention of the target audience. Whether it is a safe neighborhood, a good location, or an attractive interior, highlight it when promoting your property. 

Get the best of your location

Be familiar with your area amenities. Research them thoroughly to be prepared for any question. Knowing good sides of your neighbourhood will help you convince your future tenants to move in. Think about any local amenity a renter might be looking for (nightlife, shops, dog parks, playgrounds, schools, universities, parkings, etc.)

How do you attract tenants in a tough market?

Pay attention to little things 

Offer some refreshments, sweets or cookies. This might sound silly but it will show off your hospitality skills and make you stand out from the rest of the landowners. This will give you an opportunity to form an even better relationship with your possible tenant.

Take professional pictures

Great professional pictures can really attract tenants. This way they can easily picture spending their day in your house. Making a video is even better option, as prospective tenants will feel like going on a genuine walkthrough.

What are renters looking for in a house?

There are certain factors that can really help the renter decide if he/she will choose a house or not:

  • Safe neighborhood
  • Nearest shop
  • Proximity to university, school or work
  • Parking                                                                                                           
  • The overall state of property
  • Attractive kitchen and bathroom
  • Appliancies
  • Storage units
  • A yard or a garden
  • A landlord who understands tenant rights
  • Natural light

Where do I find top-rated property management company in Mission Valley and the vicinity?What are renters looking for in a house?

Taking care of your investment is a demanding and tiring job. As a landlord, you have to successfully promote your property, carefully deal with rent prices, and manage late rent payment on your own. This is why you should have a professional and reputable company on your side. 

Our experienced pros will help you overcome any difficulty while letting you experience prompt 24/7 emergency service. We thoroughly screen our pros and your tenants in order for you to be satisfied and relaxed. 

If you live near Balboa park and need a hand in managing your property, give us a call and rest assured that it will be in good hands!