How Do Property Managers Handle Repairs?

What is considered property maintenance

Full service property management covers a diverse set of responsibilities: handling demanding tenants, dealing with heaps of humdrum paperwork, keeping up with the latest amendments to applicable laws and regulations, responding to emergencies, etc. Essentially, it is the job of a property manager to protect the interests of landlords, property owners and Airbnb and similar short-term rental hosts and spare them stress, hassle and unpleasant eventualities. 

So what does that mean in terms of maintenance and repairs? Will your contract with property management companies in Old Town San Diego and nearby areas require that you pay extra for every maintenance request?

A necessary step in the process of property management is coordinating and scheduling regular maintenance and repairs on the property in question. So how do property managers handle repairs and maintenance and how do they decide on which contractors to hire for the job? 

What is considered property maintenance?

Property maintenance is any activity taken to ensure the comfort and safety of occupants of a piece of property and the related amenities. Property managers are responsible for overseeing the daily operations of a piece of real estate and its occupants, and maintenance is a major part of that. That way, you are free to focus on expanding your rental business or pursuing other real estate investments.

Do property managers handle maintenance?

A property manager should save you time and money, and the only way to make sure that is the case is to find a property manager who will handle the full range of responsibilities, including maintenance. 

Be sure to ask if property maintenance is included in the fee. Some contracts may require that you pay extra for every maintenance request. 

By definition, full service property managers handle maintenance. In addition to handling tenant relations and rent collection, property maintenance is their most important responsibility. They will normally set up a maintenance schedule in addition to conducting regular inspections and making themselves available for emergency response.

Normally, property managers will have reliable contractors and vendors with whom they have already cooperated in the past and whom they have already had background-checked to handle the repairs on your property in Old Town, San Diego, or elsewhere in the area.

How do property managers handle repairs?

Your manager will likely adapt their approach to the nature of the issue, in accordance with the specific circumstances of the scenario:

  • Handling emergency repairs: Emergencies happen out of the blue and you never see them coming, however diligent and responsible you are. When that happens, it is in your best interest to take immediate action to have the problem resolved, not only because tenants expect you to, but also because this is the only guaranteed way to restore your property and minimize damage. 
  • Determining tenant neglect before taking action: To a knowledgeable property manager with an eye for detail, it does not take long to determine that property damage was not the result of normal wear and tear or an emergency situation, but rather caused by the tenant and their neglect and misuse. In this case, it is the tenant’s responsibility to cover the cost of the repair, which brings us back to the vital first steps in the process: careful screening of potential tenants.
  • Authorized repair limit: Your property management company will use the contract you have signed with them as guidance when it comes to handling your property, including any repairs. The contract should define the value of the repair limit they can conduct without obtaining your explicit permission. This ensures that reasonably necessary maintenance and repairs can be handled without delay and without draining your resources.
  • Screened vendors and contractors: To ensure you are not held liable for anything, property management companies work with reliable vendors and contractors who are licensed and insured and who offer competitive prices for quick and efficient services, saving you money down the line. 

Do property managers pay for repairs?

Property managers charge a fee for their service, which should preferably include repairs and maintenance. Of course, whether repairs will be covered by the fee depends on the complexity of the repair, whether there is an authorized repair limit, the stipulations and conditions of your agreement, or other special arrangements you may have made.

Property management companies in San Diego, California

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