How Does Property Management Handle Evictions?

Do property managers handle evictions

As a landlord, you have what seems like a neverending list of responsibilities, but it is having to go through the complex eviction process that may be every landlord’s worst nightmare. In an ideal world, evictions would be non-existent

However, this is the real world, and in the real world, tenants can be late on rent, property damage is a legitimate concern and evictions do happen, especially if tenant screening was not done to professional standards. That is why the leading Clairemont Mesa property management companies put focus on the tenant screening process, at the end of which they are able to shortlist responsible tenants with an impeccable record. 

But if an eviction does happen, what can you do as a landlord and what exactly is the role of your property manager?

Do property managers handle evictions?

The role of a property manager is to optimize the process and secure the optimal outcome for the landlord. They do so by:

  • Providing a rental analysis
  • Finding quality tenants
  • Marketing the property
  • Performing thorough tenant screening
  • Collecting and tracking rent payment
  • Providing 24/7 emergency service
  • Coordinating tenant move-ins and move-outs

In other words, although handling evictions is among the responsibilities of a property manager, one of their key objectives is to keep the risk of an eviction at a minimum. 

Namely, evictions come with serious repercussions for both parties involved. Despite being the damaged party, the property owner also needs to bear the costs of court proceedings and cover the legal fees associated with the eviction, such as filing fees, serving fees and attorney costs.

Can a property manager evict?

Property managers do everything in their power to maintain control over the situation and avoid evictions. However, if an eviction does become inevitable, a property manager can complete the entire process on the landlord’s behalf. They normally do so by working with a specialized legal service.

In California, an eviction is possible if a tenant:

  • Fails to pay the rent on time
  • Breaks the lease or rental agreement and fails to cooperate and resolve the problem
  • Causes damage to the property and lowers its value
  • Causes disturbance to other tenants and neighbors and ignores warnings
  • Uses the property for illegal purposes
  • Prolongs their stay at the property even after the lease is up
  • Prolongs their stay at the property even after the landlord has canceled the agreement by issuing proper and timely notice.

If the tenant does not vacate the rental property even after being issued the proper notice, an eviction can begin and the landlord can file an unlawful detainer lawsuit. 

The problematic aspect of searching for tenants is that many tenants look good on paper, which may trick the landlord into thinking they’ve found the right match. This is exactly why having an experienced, competent property manager oversee the situation is a sensible step every landlord should take.

Does an eviction go away after 7 years?

If a tenant is evicted, the eviction could show up on their public record and stay there for a minimum period of 7 years, after which it goes away. Although they can attempt to improve their chances of appealing to and being accepted by other landlords, the fact is that any reputable landlord will take a close look at the person’s rental history. 

The bottom line is that evictions come with serious consequences which may take 7 years to disappear, among which is a detrimental effect on the individual’s ability to rent and their credit score.

Put your trust in one of the leading Clairemont Mesa property management companies

Matching you with responsible tenants for your rental in Clairemont Mesa and other communities has been our mission since day one and we are proud to say that here at Lofty Property Management, we have had an extremely low rate of evictions so far. 

If there is no way around an eviction, we will facilitate all its aspects to make the whole situation as painless as possible and start looking for your next tenant as quickly as possible. 

We will also match you with a competent, experienced attorney for a minimal additional charge, making it possible for you to recover your funds and restore your peace of mind. Everything we do, we do in accordance with your best interests. Contact us now!