A Complete Guide to Landlord Responsibilities

landlord responsibilities

When people think of landlords and what their duties consist of, most probably think that all they do is collect rent. This of course couldn’t be further from the truth. A landlord has many responsibilities when dealing with tenants. 

Landlords play many roles. Their day-to-day jobs can vary, from being a repairman and negotiator to being supervisor and realtor. These tasks can be stressful and are the primary reason why landlords hire professionals to help them with property management in La Jolla and nearby areas. Of course, it’s advisable to know what these duties actually entail. 

What are the responsibilities of a landlord?

Whether you’re a newbie leasing their first unit or an experienced landlord looking to expand their business, your rental property is your asset. In order to get the most out of your investment, these are the responsibilities any successful landlord should perform.

Provide habitable housing 

The fundamental responsibility that a landlord has is to provide a habitable place for the tenant to live in. Habitable means that the rental must be structurally stable and equipped with adequate heat and electric facilities. 

So, ensure that your unit comes with properly installed ventilation and provide your tenants with dependable hot and cold water systems. Regardless of the lease agreement, an implied warranty of habitability is an inherent right given to tenants, a right to a safe, clean, and peaceful living space.

Maintain the property and repair damages

Before you hand over the keys to the rental unit, as a landlord, you should make sure to repair all damages left from the previous unit occupant. It’s useful for landlords to keep timely and precise records of the unit’s repairs to avoid any possible conflict with new tenants.

Regardless of the rental unit’s occupancy, a landlord is required to maintain their property. This may includes multiple tasks such as: 

  • Regular inspections for signs of mold 
  • Checking if smoke and carbon monoxide detectors work properly.
  • Making sure all common areas, such as the laundry room or garage, are clean and hazard-free.

What are the legal responsibilities of a landlord?

The rights of landlords are well protected under a series of laws, statutes, and other federal, state, or local regulations. On the other hand, landlords undertake a whole list of legal obligations when entering a rental agreement. These landlord-tenant laws exist to serve as a blueprint for both landlords’ and tenants’ interactions, rights, and responsibilities. 

Comply with anti-discrimination laws

Landlords must be aware of fair housing laws requirements. They must abide by them when advertising their property or interviewing and selecting tenants. You cannot discriminate against or evict tenants based on their race, sex, religion, sex, or national origin.  

Sign lease or rental agreement

The rental agreement or lease sets out the contractual basis of the landlord-tenant relationship. It must contain the most important details such as the lease duration, amount of rent, security, termination dates and clauses, and other legally prescribed disclosures.

Know the rules to security deposits

In order to avoid any potential legal disputes, the security deposits must be set in clear terms. You must define the amount, rules for their return, and their purpose. Landlords should follow state and local regulations regarding security deposits.

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