New Tenant Checklist for Landlords

landlord checklist

As a rental unit becomes available, a landlord’s primary goal is for a new tenant to move in as soon as possible. The longer the vacancy, the longer the turnover time and, therefore, loss of profit. 

This is precisely why property management companies in La Jolla or any of the surrounding areas are essential in helping landlords run their units. They relieve them of the day-to-day handling of landlord tasks such as helping out with certain repairs and facilitating the turnover. 

What does a landlord have to do before a new tenant moves in?

If you only have a few days before a new tenant moves in, you should consider keeping a checklist of issues that must be taken care of beforehand. The move to a new rental unit can, and usually is, stressful for all parties. Making sure things run smoothly will make the transition from one tenant to the next easier. 

Before you turn over the keys to your rental unit, you should handle the following five repairs: 

1. Damage repair and health & safety protocols

A landlord’s primary focus is to keep good maintenance of their property. Before a new tenant moves in, you should make sure there’s no property damage left from the previous tenants and no existing health and safety issues in the unit.  

Be sure to check:

  • Walls for any holes or signs of deterioration.
  • Windows to see if they open and close properly.
  • All doors and their locking systems. 

Additionally, when moving into a new property, tenants want to feel protected. Therefore landlords should always emphasize their health and safety. Ensure that the unit’s security alarms are on and that the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are working properly. Check for possible mold and be mindful of any lead hazards

2. Rental unit cleaning

Whether you’re renting your apartment for the first time or doing a unit turnover, you will have to put great effort into making the place spotless for the upcoming move-in. Most of this should be done by the previous tenant, but double-checking, or in this case, double cleaning is always best.

3. Inspection of the systems and utilities

Next on the list is inspecting the functioning of various systems in your rental unit. Check if the heating system works in all the rooms. Make sure sinks and faucets work and that there are no clogs in the plumbing structure. Turn on all utilities and lights to inspect if any of them need changing.

4. Changing the locks

With a new tenant moving in, make sure they’re given a new set of keys. This means changing the locks, as you will not want the previous tenant being able to potentially enter the unit once they have moved out. This way, you will protect yourself from possible liability and keep the new tenant safe.

5. Singing the lease

This is one of the most important items on any landlord’s checklist. You will want to do an in-person meeting with the tenant. Go over the lease agreement in detail with the new tenant so they are aware of the terms and conditions and what they’re signing. 

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