5 Red Flags of Bad Property Managers

5 Red Flags of Bad Property Managers

A property manager will handle your daily tasks and take care of your rental unit, making sure your business is running smoothly. This is why it’s of the utmost importance that this individual is a reliable and responsible professional. Finding pros who perform quality property management is not easy for residents of San Diego, California. 

However, knowing how to recognize potential red flags can really help you with the whole hiring process. We’ve prepared the most problematic and common ones so keep reading to learn what you should be on the lookout for. 

What should I look out for when hiring a property manager?

Every landlord wants to find a reliable and trusted property manager who can deal with common problems that occur when running this business and successfully complete all the necessary tasks. In order to locate them, avoid those who show the following red flags:

1. No proof of performance

Property managers should be able to provide data on how successful they’ve been with managing their properties. Although they cannot disclose detailed numbers due to the client’s protection they can show you statistics and tenant testimonials. If they cannot provide any information it can mean they’re disorganized or don’t know how to do their job. 

2. Inattentive

You want to hire an individual who will carefully listen to your needs, problems, and expectations. If you notice a lack of genuine interest in your rental property or that the person does not pay enough attention when you’re talking about your main goals, this is a major red flag. It means this person is not focused and passionate about giving your property the attention it needs.

3. Isn’t familiar with the market

Your reliable property manager should have a clear idea of the types of properties they manage, what communities they serve, and what tenants they’re focused on. If a manager doesn’t know enough about their own market and what their job covers they won’t know much about how to help you. Apart from that, your manager should be experienced in your type of market so that they have the knowledge on how to assist you.

4. Too busy

If a manager seems too busy, distracted, and overwhelmed you should try to find out how much time and energy they can spend on your property. Make sure the company you hire isn’t overloaded so that they can really fit into your schedule. They should have enough time in the day and enough staff to properly manage each and every tenant. Watch for the signs such as tardiness, bad communication, and inattentiveness. 

5. No plan

Your professionals don’t have to reveal all their secrets during the initial consultation but they should give you an overview of their operations and provide you with a step-by-step plan. Try to find out about their methods of filling vacancies, how they collect rent, and who will handle maintenance. A genuine and well-organized professional should think in advance and have attention to detail. 

Who offers reliable property management in San Diego, California and the area?

If you’re looking for a company that offers professional and quality property management services, Lofty Property Management is your perfect choice. We thoroughly screen our applicants and hire only devoted and responsible experts for your peace of mind. They’ll follow a carefully devised plan while providing you with a customer-oriented approach. They’re able to promptly solve your problems and make sure your business runs in a smooth and optimized way. 

Whether your property is near Shoreline Parks or in the vicinity, feel free to contact us today!

What should I look out for when hiring a property manager