5 Must-Have Qualities of Property Managers

Collecting rent, renewing leases, communicating and negotiating with existing and prospective tenants – the list of property management tasks goes on. This is why many landlords in San Diego decide to hand over the responsibility to a trained professional. You want to make sure that this person has experience, expertise and personal traits that will keep your investment safe and tenants covered. Read on to learn how to identify the most reliable 

What makes a good property manager? 

If you’re a landlord in need of a reliable professional to administrate your rental property, you should make sure that the person checks all the boxes. Also, if you’re looking to tap into the industry yourself, you need the right skill set and personal traits to fulfill the role. To administer a property, you should focus on the following 5 qualities:

  1. Organizational skills

You need a person who is a natural organizer, handling multiple tasks at the same time with ease. Your ideal candidate is someone who performs well under pressure, has experience with paperwork and can coordinate a number of different properties with confidence.

  1. Forward thinking

A professional who’d handle your property should be a forward thinker with an investor mindset. Besides handling repairs and tenant issues, this person should  also be the one to help you with a range of real-estate technicalities. The person who will handle your property should remain vigilant and address risks even before issues emerge. This proactive stance is vital as it saves money and stress. 

  1. Attention to detail

A person handling any number of apartments should be able to notice small changes. Also, they should be able to address the needs of the landlords and tenants on time. They should make a clear difference between true priorities and the background noise of mundane tasks. 

  1. Assertiveness

Assertive communication is a one of the core competencies of professionals in any industry that involves working with people. This involves a respectful and direct manner of communication, self-confidence, good listening skills, and focus on problem solving and compromise. An assertive property manager will treat tenants politely, but be very direct when reminding them about overdue rent or regular monthly upkeep.

  1. Can-do attitude

Whatever issue arises, a person in charge should approach it heads-on. An experienced administrator has the resources to tackle problems, regardless of the scope. He can do this by relying on time-tested procedures, various guidelines for tenants and landlords, as well as a list of reliable contractors for repairs and maintenance. 

What should I look for in a property management company?

When it comes to the company itself, you should look for a provider that fulfills all the requirements, including necessary licenses. You should always ask about their previous experience. Many companies rely on referrals from their clients. Nowadays it’s easy to find reviews and check ratings of your local providers online. 

Also, keep in mind that a top-performing company should have the following results: 

  • Low eviction rates
  • High long-term occupancy rates
  • Low vacancy rates

You should inquire with your provider about their insurance policies, examples of previous contracts and agreements. Also, you want to make sure that they employ experienced and reliable people to whom you can delegate this responsibility. 

Where can I hire responsible property management in San Diego, CA and beyond?

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