Useful facts about tenants with pets every landlord should know

Useful facts about tenants with pets every landlord should know

Property ownership is a thriving business that also brings certain problems, dilemmas, and responsibilities. Numerous things are on your mind, from regular maintenance to screening tenants and marketing your property. Then, there’s the question of whether to allow pets on your property or not. It’s possible that if your new tenant has a pet or has lied about having a pet, you might be thinking about the ways to deal with it. 

If you want to get the professional help and experts that will effectively take care of your business, you can turn to one of the most reputable property management companies in Clairemont Mesa and the surrounding areas. Until then, keep reading and you’ll find some useful facts about pet owners and landlords you should know.

How often do tenants lie about their pets?

Although there are good sides to allowing pets on a property, there are many homeowners that are not pet-friendly. This is why tenants tend to lie about having a pet – they want a chance to live in a residence they’ve chosen. Around 18 percent of landlords allow all types of pets around their property and many charge pet fees. This might be the reason why at least 78 percent of landlords have caught a tenant lying about keeping a pet. 

What can landlords do about it?

As a landlord who’s just revealed that his tenant keeps a pet without your permission, you can take a photo of the pet, so you have the proof. After this, you should write a 7-10 days notice on the door. This is a legal notice that tells the tenant they are violating the lease, and that they should resolve this problem as quickly as possible. If not, you have the right to file an eviction. 

Can a Landlord Say No to Pets?

How often do tenants lie about their pets

The law allows landlords to deny pets, or evict the tenant if they violate the lease that specifies pets are not allowed. If you let your tenants bring pets, according to the law, you can place restrictions on the type and size of them. 

However, service animals are an exception. They’re not seen as pets, but rather as an important part of disabled people’s lives. These animals have a great purpose because they can help blind people or assist those with a certain emotional disability. That said, if your tenant’s service dog has a long history of biting, you have the right to ban it from your property.

What is a Blanket Ban on Pets?

This is an allowed ban on pets in terms of tenancies and long leases. In most cases, a landlord must have reasonable arguments for this (a dog is dangerous, or a dog’s too big for a small apartment). If the ban’s not mentioned in the lease agreement, it’ll be harder for the landlord to successfully argue that pets are not allowed. Also, the tenant has the right to keep the dog if the landlord’s arguments are not reasonable and the animal is well-behaved and suitable for the property. 

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