8 Pros and Cons of Allowing Pets as a Property Manager

8 Pros and Cons of Allowing Pets as a Property Manager

Being a landlord is a demanding job with various responsibilities. Working with people is both rewarding and challenging. Having new tenants often brings new situations and many different questions. You might need to deal with noise complaints, unpaid rent, picky tenants, or renters with pets. 

This is why many people hire professionals to do this job on their behalf. Until you find your go-to professional for property management in Clairemont Mesa and the surrounding areas, read on to learn more about the pros and cons of allowing pets on your property.

Why should I allow my tenant to keep their pets?                                                       

Although you might doubt it, you can benefit a lot from allowing pets on your property. Some of the advantages are:

1. Higher rent

Fair market rent determines your current rent, but if you allow pets on your property, you’ll be able to increase your rent and cover potential damage to the property. If you’re one of the rare owners that allow pets in your community, renters will be prepared to pay more, so they can keep their furry friends.

2. A larger pool of applicants

Since a great percentage of households own a pet, you’ll advertise your property more easily and attract a larger number of applicants. Having a larger tenant pool will make it easier for you to pick the tenant that best fits your requirements. 

3. Longer tenure/lower tenant turnover

Keeping tenants at your property is essential, and allowing animals will ensure a longer tenure. A high tenant turnover can cost you money and time, so this is a good way to avoid it. Having an opportunity to settle in with a pet will make your rental feel like a permanent residence. 

4. Responsible pet owners – responsible tenants

Having a pet brings a great number of responsibilities and takes a lot of time and attention. Pet owners are more likely to be devoted and respectful while taking care of your property. They usually pay more attention to the cleaning and maintenance of their residence.

Why are pets not allowed on rental properties?


Allowing animals into your rental can cause you certain problems, too. This is why tenants sometimes lie about having a pet.

1. Damage

Your property can sustain certain damage from pets. This could mean additional costs for repairs and clean-ups. Some of the problems that might occur are chewed wires and cables, ripped pillows, scratches on the furniture, stained floors, etc.


2. Noise

Pets, especially dogs, cats, and birds can make excessive noise. Barking and other sounds can disrupt neighbors or other tenants. If some of your tenants are sensitive to noise or don’t like pets, you can expect complaints from them. 

3. Odor and allergens

Uncleaned pet litter boxes, pet accidents in the hallways, as well as pets that are not properly groomed and bathed, can bring odors inside and around the unit. Although you or our current tenants are not allergic to pets, remember that allergens can stick around for an extended period of time and cause problems for the future tenants.

4. Increased vacancy

These potential problems, along with the possibility of a dangerous dog biting one of your tenants, can make people leave your property. Therefore, increased tenant vacancy might be one of your problems, too. 


What company offers reliable and expert property management in Clairemont Mesa and the vicinity?

Why should I allow my tenant to keep their pets


Every property owner should have a capable and responsible pro to help him with property ownership. Lofty Property Management offers experts that have years of experience under their belts and the necessary skills to provide the service that meets your needs. 

Whether you’re not sure about your tenant’s rights or you’re burdened with all the responsibilities property management brings, our specials are at your disposal.

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