4 Tips to Improve Relations with Landlords and Tenants


Whether you’re thinking about renting out your house or apartment, this is likely to become a full-time responsibility. This is why so many homeowners decide to outsource day-to-day communication, paperwork, and maintenance to a professional property management service in Serra Mesa. 

Although the housing market is in constant flux, the importance of positive relations remained the same over time. Read on to learn more about how to nourish and improve relations with your tenants and landlords. 

Why is it important for a property manager to maintain good relations with tenants?

Managers have the responsibility to maintain amicable and honest communication with everyone involved. This isn’t only about handling complaints or getting the rent collected. You should have good relations with your tenants for several reasons: 

  • Happy tenants are less likely to leave
  • They will be also less likely to forget to pay the rent
  • They will keep the house in good condition
  • They will be open to asking questions and reporting issues,
  • They will be more likely to recommend your services. 

What is the importance of good relations with landlords? 

Remember, a landlord hires a manager to handle the investment, including all accounting, marketing, maintenance, and legal aspects. There is also the importance of regular annual checks, as you want to avoid accidents, emergencies, and tenant complaints. When you keep a positive outlook with homeowners, you are more likely to:

  • Expand your portfolio with new properties and clients
  • Prevent issues by conducting regular inspections and maintenance
  • Attract more well-paying tenants and improve your business.

How to improve relations with your tenants and landlords?

Landlords and tenants have seemingly different needs when it comes to the property you manage. However, there are some ways in which you can improve the relationship with both parties. For instance, try the following 5 tips:  

  1. Customer care 

Versed professionals use a customer-friendly approach and attention to detail. This skill set is beneficial for your tenants and landlords as well, as your retention rates and customer loyalty will remain stable. With a responsive customer service system in place, there is a lesser chance of vacancies and tenant frustration. 

  1. Resolve maintenance issues quickly

You should have a list of contacts and resources with you at all times and be prepared to act without hesitation. Both tenants and landlords are more likely to appreciate the effort if you have a plan. Don’t hesitate to show off if you have a proactive mindset. 

  1. Collect feedback 

You can ask your clients to leave a review, rate your service, or fill in an online query. Invest in software to collect and process this information. This will help you identify good practices and areas that need improvement.  Also, you can offer referral incentives to both homeowners and tenants. 

  1. Reach out 

Holidays and other important events are an excellent occasion to reach out to your clients and show some small signs of appreciation. While a part of your relationship is transactional, you shouldn’t be afraid of giving it a small personal touch. This is likely to make your tenants feel more at home. 

The bottom line is that you need to treat your clients with due respect. Although a part of the job will be about numbers, don’t forget about human contact. Be in touch with the current situation and  Also, remain open for suggestions and show that you truly care. Everything else should come naturally.

Who offers an efficient property management service in Serra Mesa and the vicinity? 

Whether you’re renting a property near Civita Park or elsewhere in Serra Mesa, you have a great chance to attract well-paying and reliable renters. To ensure a steady income and keep your residential investment in good shape, you need versed professionals in your corner.

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