Your Annual Property Management Check-up List

Do landlords have to do annual electrical checks?

As the end of the year is approaching, every landlord is hoping to start a new season without worries about their rental property. For instance, if you’re located in the vibrant community of Serra Mesa, you could outsource your responsibilities to one of the experienced property management companies. This way, you wouldn’t have to worry about changing trends in the industry and you’ll be sure that your rental unit will be occupied.

However, are there certain checks and inspections that you should do personally, just to be completely safe? Let’s find out!

What annual checks should a landlord do?

What annual checks should a landlord do?
The annual property inspection checklist will vary depending on the size of the rental property, the number of tenants, the physical condition and characteristics, number of appliances that need regular maintenance etc.

In addition, a manager or landlord should ensure to communicate beforehand with tenants in compliance with the legal notice to enter the property. If you do this without properly informing your tenants, it can have legal consequences. For everyone’s peace of mind, clear and open communication is key.

Most annual inspection checklists will cover the following items, if you’re managing residential property:

  • Smoke detector batteries
  • Furnace filters
  • Fire extinguishing equipment
  • Presence of insects and other pests
  • Potential or actual water leaks – areas around sinks, toilets, the roof, gutters etc.
  • Water damage – you should check ceilings, floors, and walls, especially if there has been heavy rainfall, snowfall, or moisture.
  • Running toilets
  • Window seals and door seals
  • Any HVAC systems and appliances
  • The general cleanliness and maintenance of the unit

In the areas where winters are cold and with heavy snowfall, you should primarily focus on preventing drafts, potential fires from holiday fireworks and defective furnaces or electrical installation, and snow buildup. For this reason, you should equip your property with necessary equipment: sturdy snow shovels, sidewalk salt, window sealant etc.

Consider the following checklist as a norm:

  • Check smoke alarms
  • Renew furnace filters
  • Take care to cover any exposed pipes
  • Shovel the sidewalk and patio, and cover with salt
  • Check window/door seals to prevent drafts
  • Dismount or store any mobile AC units, if applicable

Do landlords have to do annual electrical checks?

How often should the landlord check gas?
Yes, this has become mandatory, and it’s in the best interest of both tenants and the property owners. By doing annual electrical inspections, the person in charge ensures that there are no risks to the property or the life of the occupants. This also saves a lot of money, as you wouldn’t have to do emergency repairs, and would be safe from accidents.

After the inspection is completed, you should supply the tenant and local authorities with the copy of the report.

How often should the landlord check gas?

Inspection of your gas appliances should be carried out at least once a year, so this is yet another thing to add to your list. If not handled properly, and in case of risks, it can become a severe risk to the health and livelihood of residents. Also, before the new lease starts, you should check all portable and permanent gas appliances.

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