Successful Landlord-Tenant Relationships: All You Need to Know

Successful Landlord-Tenant Relationships- All You Need to Know

Maintaining a good relationship with your tenants shouldn’t be difficult, but you will occasionally run into problems. Like any relationship, for the one between landlords and tenants to be successful, both sides have to be willing to do the work. Beforehand, renters will do their due diligence to avoid complications with their landlords. Property managers will do their part and thoroughly screen tenant candidates.

No matter if you’re handling managerial duties on your own or planning to outsource them to one of the reputable property management companies in La Jolla Farms, keeping a harmonious relationship with your renters will undoubtedly reflect on your business as a whole.

How do you build good relationships with your tenants?

An honest landlord-tenant relationship can benefit all parties. Even though it’s always a two-way street, there are steps a landlord can take to set the foundation for a healthy relationship. 

1. Find reliable tenants

Trying to build a successful relationship with a bad tenant is nearly impossible. Separating the good from the bad takes extra work, and it’s done through rigorous screening. This means checking their credit score, eviction history, previous landlord referrals, and criminal background checks.  

2. Have open communication

Being honest and upfront in any relationship is key to establishing trust. Knowing tenants can rely on you with issues they face while inside your unit goes a long way. Provide your tenants with a phone number or email address to contact you in case of an emergency or a problem. Make an effort to communicate regularly and to check up on them. It reassures your tenants that you are there in case they need something. 

3. Set high standards

Showing professionalism from the beginning sets the tone and the standard in which you aim to maintain the relationship with your tenant. Start off on the right foot by letting them know what your expectations are. Being a firm landlord is good, as long as you’re fair. Make sure your tenants know you hold yourself to the same high standard.

4. Be responsive

Giving your tenants emergency contact info is only half of it. You should also respond as quickly as possible once you receive a maintenance or repair request. Addressing the issue in a timely manner is a sign of reliability, and it’s something tenants always value. One of the ways you can do this is by setting up an online portal where tenants can submit their requests, pay rent online, and a place where you can engage with them.  

5. Maintain the property

Property maintenance is one of the main tasks a landlord is required to provide. Don’t just do the bare minimum. With regular check-ups, you’ll easily spot if there’s anything that requires maintenance. Take the initiative, and don’t wait for the tenant to send you a formal request. 

6. Respect your tenant’s privacy

Your tenants will appreciate you taking a proactive approach, but make sure you respect their privacy in the process. After all, the tenant is paying you to live in the home and is expecting to have privacy guaranteed to homeowners.

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