4 Ways to Manage a Rental Property Remotely

Ways to Manage a Rental Property Remotely

As a great source of income, renting a property is rewarding. However, managing it can be (and usually is) stressful work. Keeping everything in order remotely is even more challenging. With more and more businesses choosing to adapt to the ever-changing managing climate, property management too is keeping up with the times.

If your rental property isn’t close to where you live or work, finding a viable solution to manage your property remotely is of great importance. This is especially the case when your rental is in a different city or state. For landlords in La Jolla, turning to a professional property management company is proving to be a necessity. 

Can you manage a property remotely? 

Whether you’ve invested in property in a different city, a state with no property tax, or have inherited property, managing from afar may sound like a challenge. Luckily, there are numerous solutions to make your managerial experience trouble-free.

How do I manage a rental property remotely?

Any landlord or property manager will confirm that property management is hard work. This is even more accentuated when monitoring property long-distance. Take control of your organizing by following these straightforward property management tips.  

1. Digital payments

One of the main issues landlords face when handling property remotely is payment collection. As you are not in a position to collect the rent in person, simplifying the process by setting up a digital payment option is more convenient for you and the tenant. Find a system that accepts credit, debit, and direct bank transfers. This way you won’t have to worry about the checks getting lost in the mail, and tenants have an easier way of paying their rent. Digital payments are an efficient way to collect your rent, whether you are managing your property remotely or in person.

2. Online communication

As you are not able to meet the tenant in person more frequently, responding quickly and addressing issues they might have is key to a good landlord-tenant relationship. Set up a preferred communication channel, whether it’s by getting a number specifically for such purposes or agreeing on a weekly video call. A tenant portal is another great way to interact with your tenants. As an online account, a tenant portal allows landlords and tenants to get in touch more easily and is usually available as an app or software program for your smartphone or computer.

3. Install a home security system

Installing a home security system gives peace of mind and a sense of safety to the tenant. It’s also a way for the landlord to monitor their vacant properties and prevent break-ins and acts of vandalism. Think about installing a remote keyless system, and never worry about a tenant losing the rental keys again. 

4. Finding a reliable property manager

Hiring a professional property manager is a wise investment. It’s been proven to be the absolute best option for landlords who are faced with having to manage their property remotely. It’ll relieve you of the daily stress that comes with renting property and free your schedule to focus on other endeavors.

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