Guide to Managing Renters Moving During COVID-19

Every business, including rental properties, has faced significant challenges during the pandemic. Covid-19 has changed the way companies render tasks that were not long ago considered routine. Although some industries have suffered tremendously throughout the pandemic, the rental market has adapted to change in the business climate. 

While much of the US is still in recovery mode and dealing with the after-effects of Covid-19, landlords and property managers in La Jolla are improvising and finding new ways to facilitate property management, maintenance, rent collection, communication with tenants, marketing, and more. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at how you can manage renters who are moving in and out of your units. 

How can I manage renters moving in or out of rental properties during COVID-19?

During the coronavirus pandemic, moving has been recognized as an essential business and was allowed under strict social distancing protocols. As a result, landlords and property managers alike can organize and execute moves and continue to market their vacant units and lease agreements. 

The move in and move out procedure, commonly known as tenant turnover, typically involves:

All of these procedures have had to be adjusted during the pandemic in order to keep people safe. Here are some innovative ways landlords and property managers handle tenants moving amid the pandemic. 


Prior to the tenant moving out, set up a lockbox for them to put their keys in. Likewise, have the cleaning company come after the tenants move out and also use the lockbox to avoid meeting anyone. Make sure that your cleaning crew does a meticulous job of sanitizing and disinfecting all surfaces.

Additional tenant screening

Be extremely thorough with tenant screening. Double-check each applicant’s chances of continued employment during the pandemic. You’ll want to avoid renting your property to someone likely to lose their job but proceed to live in your unit for the foreseeable future.

Virtual Tours

Avoid unnecessary exposure to the coronavirus, and begin doing virtual tours on your rental properties. Now you can start renting properties over the phone. Send videos and photos after you’ve done the necessary renovations. Compile a list of specific things your renters will likely want to see in the video. Put the emphasis on the amenities, the view, the kitchen, and the bathroom. Find a tutorial online on how to create a quality video, upload it to the website, and share it.

Virtual tours are a great tool that allows renters to browse through properties without having risking exposure. More and more renters are starting to get accustomed to seeing and applying to rent a property without seeing it in person.


Communicating with tenants via a video conferencing service

Take advantage of Zoom, Skype, or FaceTime to communicate. It’s the easiest way to keep in touch with your tenants, as well as candidates for your rental.  Quite possibly, this will soon become the norm.

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