What to Ask a Property Management Company Pt. 2

What Can I Expect From A Property Manager

The demand for property management companies in San Diego, California is not going to dwindle any time soon. Property managers are there to keep things under control and act in the best interest of tenants, landlords and property owners. At the risk of oversimplifying things: get a property manager, get peace of mind.

As we already discussed, when negotiating with a prospective property manager, you need to inquire about the scope of property management responsibilities

But what else should you ask a potential manager of your most valuable asset? Read on.

What can I expect from a property management company?

You have to do your research carefully before you decide on the property manager or company you will put in charge of looking out for your investment in Mission Hills, San Diego. Below are more essential questions to ask your prospective property management company:

Are you licensed in property management? 

Having a licensed property management company is instrumental in safeguarding you against legal matters and complications. Even if they are not licensed, they should submit another piece of proof that they have extensive industry knowledge and background.

How long have you been in the business?

Long and successful track record and experience in the industry should be an essential requirement, showcasing competence to respond to diverse scenarios.

Do you have any references to show me?

Just like in any other industry, references from past clients are a valuable testament to a company’s credibility and professionalism. 

How many pieces of property do you currently manage?

If your property management company is capable of serving multiple clients simultaneously, they are a good candidate for the management of your property, however big. Being in charge of few clients may be a sign that they lack experience in the business and might not be the most dependable choice for you. Still, in the world of property management, things can become hectic fast, so you want to make sure your manager does not already have their plate full. Remember to ask about the average vacancy time of the properties under their care. Preferably, it should not exceed 2 to 4 weeks.

Do I need to sign a contract?

You would normally need to sign a contract and you should not have it any other way: this is for your legal protection as well as for the protection of the property management company. You can ask to see some sample documents so you can get a better idea of what you are expected to formally agree to.

Examine the contract carefully before you sign it and make sure the stipulations are favorable and that there are no sneaky hidden fees to be on the lookout for. Just to be on the safe side, you might want to have a legal consultant look over the document before you sign. 

Is there a special cancellation policy?

Steer clear from property management companies which ask that you sign a contract without a way out. Make sure the conditions and circumstances under which you are allowed to cancel your contract are clearly defined beforehand. 

Is there a seperate charge for repairs and maintenance?

A part of your property manager’s scope of responsibilities should be to handle the regular maintenance of your property, repairs and emergencies included. Be sure to ask if there is an extra charge for these before you sign anything.

Who handles evictions?

Evictions are, by definition, the worst case scenario. For one thing, quality tenants will never put you in a situation where an eviction is the only remaining resort, and it is the job of a property manager to ensure that you only accept quality tenants who have gone through a detailed screening process. But if an eviction becomes unavoidable, you definitely want the manager to handle it, without any involvement needed on your part.

What is your property management fee?

Some companies will offer a flat monthly fee, while others will offer a fee based on the rent. Find a company that is flexible enough to work out a financial arrangement which works best for you.

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