Everything a Landlord Needs to Know About Tenant Rights

Everything a Landlord Needs to Know About Tenant Rights

Every landlord wants to run a profitable and successful rental business while also protecting their investment. This is why it’s crucial to become familiar with your rights and legal responsibilities, but it’s also essential to understand tenant rights. This way you’ll know how to avoid any mistakes and violations.

Whether you’re managing your rental property on your own or you’re hiring one of the reliable property management companies in Clairemont Mesa, you should be familiar with the most important tenant rights. Keep reading to learn more!

What rights does a tenant have?

Take a look at the following tenant rights:

Right to a habitable home

Every tenant’s basic right is to live in a habitable home. That means it should meet the building, safety, and health codes. As a landlord, you should ensure livable conditions including working plumbing, electricity, and heat. If not, a renter has the right to leave the property or argue a constructive eviction in court.

Right to freedom from discrimination

Your tenant shouldn’t be discriminated against in terms of sex, race, color, religion, status, disability, or nationality. All actions and policies should be applied to everyone. Every renter should have the same terms and conditions, as well as privileges. You should also get familiar with the local and state discrimination laws and disability accommodations. 

Right to privacy

The renters have the right to privacy and to live in a home without being disturbed. You, as a landlord, can enter the property only for specific reasons and with proper notice (24-48 hours in advance, except for emergencies). When you enter the property, it should be at a reasonable time and with a valid reason. Harassing the tenants verbally or in writing is prohibited, too.

Eviction rights

Advance notice of eviction is the next important tenant right. A landlord should provide it in writing and at least 30-60 days in advance. However, in cases where the tenant has committed lease agreement violations, the notice can be as short as three to five days. The renters also have the right to file for eviction with the court.

Security deposit

If the occupant has met the terms of your tenancy agreement, he has the right to receive the deposit 30-45 days after the move-out. A property owner can apply to make deductions from the deposit in cases of unpaid rent, damage to the property, and sometimes for cleaning the property. The tenant has the right to agree to or challenge these deductions.

Reporting repairs 

The resident of your property has the right to report the repairs that need to be made. A lessor’s or property manager’s responsibility is to respond to these reports and finish the repairs in a timely manner. A renter has the right to withhold rent money if the repairs that affect the safety or health are not done (for example a broken heating system in the winter).


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What rights does a tenant have

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