7 Amenities to Boost Your Rental Property


Attracting target tenants has time and time again proven to be energy-draining and naturally quite stressful. What makes for a successful landlord is knowing what potential tenants like in their rental and tips the scale in your favor when it’s time for them to decide. Property management companies in La Jolla offer you unique insight into what it is that sets a property apart from the competition and how to accomplish your goals.

 Sure, a great location or a beautiful view overlooking the ocean is a bonus. Still, it’s the little things that will help you secure the best possible tenants.

What amenities do renters want?

It may seem obvious, but plenty of landlords underestimate the importance of added features on their property. Amenities can be the game-changer, so make the most of these simple yet effective features.

1. Pet-friendly 

Many people are looking to rent a home but aren’t sure if the property is suitable for their dogs, cats, and other pets. According to statistics, over 65% of people own a pet. If you decide pets are allowed on your property, you’ll be tapping into an entirely new market of potential tenants.

2. Outdoor area

Renters don’t like to be confined to closed spaces. Many apartment complexes have pools or a fitness studio, but this may not be the case with your property. Tenants will appreciate any outdoor space, whether it’s a backyard, patio, or a roof-top balcony.

3. Air conditioning

This is a place with one of the best climates in the world, but it is warm, just about throughout the entire year. Central air conditioning is a must-have feature you may need to invest in, but it’s one that’ll pay off in the long run.

4. Walking Distance

Whether your property is situated near the University of California, San Diego, or is more centrally located somewhere downtown, there’s a clear tenant pattern. Everyone just wants to walk. Highlight what your neighborhood has to offer. Local shops, bars, restaurants, parks, and schools within walking distance are always a plus, so advertise what is locally attractive.

5. Parking

For potential tenants with cars, parking is an essential feature to have. It’s also one that typically isn’t available in apartment buildings.If you are renting a single-family residence and have a garage, this amenity needs to be emphasized. For urban areas, any off-street parking near the building will do, so be sure to highlight this option.

6. Dishwasher & washing machine

These two go hand in hand, but having one of these in a rental unit is great. Relieve the tenants of having to do dishes by hand and invest in a dishwasher, even if it’s a smaller and cheaper kind. Having to walk to a laundromat is something nobody likes to do. An in-unit washing machine is an amenity that tenants look for when looking for a place to rent.

7. Storage & closet space

Whether it’s a couple or an entire family renting your property, their lifestyles and need for storage can vary greatly. One thing’s for sure, everyone likes more storage. If possible, try to clear out some space, add some storage room, or even a walk-in closet.

Who can I contact for efficient property management services in La Jolla?

Here at Lofty Property Management, we provide full-service management accommodations for your property. We strive to give you exceptional service and guide through the entire process, from property advertising, lease coordination process, and all the way to renters’ move-out. We combine good ol’ fashioned know-how with the latest cutting edge technology to maximize your listing exposure, lease faster than the competition and produce the highest rental income for our clients.

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