5 Tips on Finding a Good Renter


No matter if you’re a seasoned landlord or just starting in the business, your main goal is always to keep good and quality tenants on your property. Renting your property to trusted tenants makes your life more manageable long term, and a good rapport with your renters offers just that. This is precisely why the top companies in La Jolla provide property management services that put emphasis on tenants that take the financial and time pressures off of the landlord. 

Finding a reliable tenant takes time, effort, and not to mention money. With a bit of help and some great advice, you’ll go a long way in finding the right candidate for your rental property. 

How to attract the right tenant?

It goes without saying that landlords look for high quality tenants when renting out their property. The right tenant makes things easier for you as a landlord. Choosing the right property management company does the heavy lifting for you when finding the right candidate to be your tenant. Here are five tips how to attract the best tenants:

1. Location 

A top priority and ultimately deciding factor that the tenants look for when picking their rental property is a good location. What defines a good location may vary depending on the tenant. Still, there are universal factors that are proven to be deciding when tenants pick their rental property.

  • Safe and secure neighborhood
  • Within reach of a good school
  • Close proximity to entertainment venues
  • Short commute to the workplace

A veteran landlord knows their rental area like the back of their hand. Get to know your rental location’s many perks, from playground and dog parks to trendy cafes and local barbershops. These are all great selling points, as potential renters are sure to appreciate valuable information about their future neighborhood.

2. Screen tenants

Even though this seems like standard procedure, many landlords brush over this step. Screening tenants is often overlooked and should never be taken lightly. Be sure to check up on your potential tenants, their credit score, background checks, as well as income, and, if available, referrals. Screening your candidates will help narrow your list of suitable renters, allowing you to pick the right tenant more easily. 

3. Features that tenants look for

Make your property more distinguishable from similar properties in the neighborhood by having amenities and add-ons to the property. The features will increase your rental potential and broaden your property’s appeal. Such features are:

  • Modern kitchen with quality appliances 
  • Extra storage space
  • Attractive bathroom
  • Air conditioning in multiple rooms

With some extra features and a few smart investments, your property will increase its quality and value in the long term.

4. Professional advertising

Mixing old school advertising with a high-tech approach is one of the best ways to reach your target tenants. Advertising on the internet is mandatory. Hire a professional photographer that works in real estate and knows their way around a property and how to make great photos. For bigger homes, consider hiring a drone photographer that will highlight the various features of the property. The design and overall look of your ad will make your rental stand out.

5. Communication

Renters want to feel welcome and that they can rely on their landlord. Flexibility and communication are essential in a smooth and harmonious relationship between the property owner and the tenant. Make yourself available and easily reachable to ensure the tenant feels relaxed and comfortable if a problem arises.

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